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A Modern Application Must Have: Multi-cloud Database

Mar 23, 2022

To function well, modern apps require enormous amounts of diverse data from sensors, processes, interactions, etc. However, these apps cannot understand the unstructured big data and extract commercial value for effective operations unless this data is maintained properly.

In today's age of cloud computing, apps gather and analyze data from various sources, but the data isn't always kept in the same database or format. While increasing overall complexity, several formats make it more difficult for apps to retain and use various data.

Multi-model databases, a cutting-edge management system, provide a sophisticated approach to handling varied and unstructured data. A multi-model database allows various data models to natively utilize a single, integrated backend, as opposed to combining different database models.

Why Has Multi-Model Database Become a Necessity for Modern Applications?

Modern applications can store diverse data in a single repository owing to the flexible approach to database management, which improves agility and reduces data redundancy.

Improve Reliability

Each database might be a single point of failure for a larger system or application. Multi-model databases reduce failure points, enhancing data dependability and recovery time. Such recovery minimizes expenses and maintains customer engagement and application experience.

Simplify Data Management

Fragmented database systems benefit contemporary applications but complicate development and operations. Multi-model databases provide a single backend that maintains data integrity and fault tolerance, eliminating the need for different database systems, software licenses, developers, and administrators.