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When we say our data is of the highest quality, we mean it.

We are committed to delivering high-quality data that is accurate and relevant in every detail.

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Data.xyz arms you with a prospecting tool that builds accurate prospect lists and dedicatedly helps you achieve your data strategy objectives.



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Data Collection and Verification Process

Our high-quality, rigorous data collection and verification process acts as a final gatekeeper to help clients build a clean prospecting list and meet business needs using the latest smart tech tools.

Step 1

Account and contact discovery

Step 2

Enhance data and license data from third parties where required

Step 3

Test, map, validate, and verify data

Step 4

Clean data uploaded on Data.xyz for customers

Step 5

Final verification and real-time testing of data before customer download

Step 6

We provide our customers with reliable data sets. (Emails not validated are forwarded to our research team).

Why Customers Choose Data.xyz

Our customers from across the globe have had seamless experiences using Data.xyz. We go to great lengths to ensure we provide you with high-quality data that is accurate and up-to-date.

97% Accuracy

Customers know how critical data accuracy is for campaign performance. We are committed to delivering data that is correct in every detail.


Nobody enjoys eating half-baked cakes. So, we make sure our data is comprehensive and complete in every way.


Obsolete is bygone. Businesses will not survive if they aren’t up-to-date. Our data is our pride. We keep our data updated to ensure our customers save time and money.


We don’t want our customers to waste their precious time at any cost. Our efforts go a long way in ensuring the data is useful, relevant, and meaningful.


Data that contradicts another source is unreliable. Our data is verified through a rigorous verification process to make sure it is dependable and correct.

Tested & Verified

Testing and verifying data to meet all quality standards is an ongoing and continuous process at Data.xyz. You are in good hands with us.

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